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Washington National Guard (Images of America)
Authors: Rick Patterson, Andy Leneweaver, William Woodward, Jr
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

The Washington National Guard boasts a rich and illustrious history. From Neah Bay to Asotin and from Spokane to Grays Harbor, citizen soldiers and airmen have served and sacrificed in both local communities and exotic places: Spokane and Luzon, Whidbey Island and Calexico, American Lake and Bordeaux, Mount St. Helens and Afghanistan. Their story is now brought vividly to life in these photographs and stories. It is offered not only for history buffs but also for the thousands of current and past National Guard members, families, friends, and neighbors touched by their service to state and nation.

Within this book, there are 128 pages of images and history of the Washington National Guard covering from 1855 to current operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Images come from the archives of the Washington National Guard State Historical Society, the Washington National Guard Museum, and personal and public archives from around the State.

This book only begins to tell the story of the Washington National Guard’s combat deployments and countless civil and humanitarian operations.

About the Authors

William Andrew Leneweaver and Richard G. Patterson serve on the board of directors of the Washington National Guard State Historical Society (WNGSHS). Dr. William H. Woodward Jr., a founding member of the WNGSHS, is a long-serving professor of history at Seattle Pacific University and prominent regional historian. In addition, Andy, Rick, and Bill have collectively served over 90 years in the U.S. Army, including more than 75 in the Washington Army National Guard. As guardians of the Washington Guard’s story, they expertly bring this history to life. Images from private, local, state, and national collections bring an intensely human look at the military service of Washington’s men and women citizen soldiers.