Outside Displays

Below are several displays that can viewed around Camp Murray to honor the service of Washington National Guard members since 1855.

WWI Monument Dedicated May 30, 1923

WWI Monument
Dedicated May 30, 1923



M3 Stewart Tank

M3 Stuart Light Tank

As war broke out in China during the late 1930s and in Europe in 1939 and 1940, the US Army realized they needed better armor to stand up against the Japanese and German threat. Production of the M3 ran from March 1941 – October 1943. The M3 had improved armor over the M2A4 tank, but was still armed with only the 37mm M5 gun and 5 M1919 .30-06 machine guns. At only 32,400 lb it was considered a light tank capable of 36 MPH on road and 18 MPH off road and served in all theaters of World War II.

WWII Era M47 Tank

1950s Era M47 Tank

The M47 Patton tank first entered production in June 1951 and fielded with the 1st and 2nd Armored Divisions in the summer of 1952. Production was short-lived and ended November 1953. More than 9000 M47s were produced during this period by Detroit Tank Arsenal and American Locomotive Company (Alco).  The M47 was replaced by the M48 although many remained in service with Army Reserve and National Guard units until the 1960. Most M47 tanks were relegated to target ranges around the world.

McDonnell F-101 Voodoo

McDonnell F-101 Voodoo

The Voodoo was initially designed as supersonic bomber escort but was re-purposed as a nuclear-armed fighter-bomber and photo reconnaissance aircraft. The aircraft was introduced in 1957 and 807 were built before US Air Force retirement in 1972 and US Air National Guard units in 1982. The F101 was flown by the Washington Air National Guard.

Outside display AH1 Cobra

Bell AH1 Cobra Attack Helicopter

With the advent of the air mobile cavalry and the use of helicopters to carry troops into battle during the 1960s, a need quickly arose to protect the ‘slicks’ as they approached landing zones. The Bell AH1 Cobra was introduced in 1967 as the first purpose built attack helicopter. Although developed to protect helicopter assaults in the jungles of Vietnam, it was also intended to stand up against Soviet armor during the Cold War. Washington National Guard units flew the Cobra during the 1980s.

90mm Anti Aircraft gun

90mm Anti Aircraft gun

The M1/M2 90mm Anti-Aircraft gun was developed in 1940 in response the growing war in Asia/Pacific and Europe as is similar to the vaunted German 88mm dual purpose gun. Although initially designed to fill a mobile anti-aircraft role, it was adapted as a towed anti-tank, placed in turrets for Coast Artillery use, and modified for use in the M36 Tank Destroyer and M26 Pershing tank. Washington State had 90mm gun emplacements to protect critical industrial and military locations during the 1940s and 1950s until replaced by the 120mm Anti-Aircraft gun and Nike Ajax missiles.

120mm Anti Aircraft gun

120mm Anti Aircraft gun


Nike Ajax

MIM-3 Nike Ajax

The MIM-3 Nike Ajax missile was the world’s first operational Surface to Air missile entering service in 1954. It was designed to destroy aircraft at up to 50,000 feet and was deployed as a ring of defense around major cities and military sites. It was replaced by MIM-14 Nike Hercules but was deployed in several areas until the 1970s. At various times, 9 locations surrounded Spokane, 8 locations surrounded Hanford, and 19 locations protected the Puget Sound area from Edmonds to Kent, Issaquah to Pouslbo. Washington’s first sites were activated in 1955 and the last location closed in 1974. Sites were manned by Active Duty Army and Army National Guard units.


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