MG Timothy Lowenberg

By: Peter Grilley | Published: 2018-09-12

#35 Adjutant General from 1999 to 2012.

Lowenberg was raised in the small rural town of Donnellson, Iowa. Lowenberg attended Reserve Officer Training Corps at the University of Iowa and was commissioned an Air Force 2LT in 1968. After completing Law School in 1971, Lowenberg was assigned to McChord Air Force base. Leaving Active Duty May 1978, he joined the Air National Guard as a Major with the Judge Advocate Staff. In May of 1989, COL Lowenberg was assigned as Assistant Adjutant General Air National Guard. BG Lowenberg was selected as the Air National Guard Assistant to the Judge Advocate General of the Air Force at the Pentagon. He filled that role for six years before returning to Washington as the Adjutant General.

MG Lowenberg replaced MG Gregory Barlow as the Adjutant General on September 13, 1999. He was replaced by MG Bret Daugherty on July 28, 2012. His 13 years of service as the Adjutant General is second longest only to BG Thompson.

Timothy Lowenberg died suddenly on 27 August 2017 at the age of 70.