Our Boards and Committees

As with any great organization, our driving force is people. Below are the various boards and committees:

Current Board of Directors:

Mr. Andy Leneweaver, Chairperson and Executive Director (Executive Committee)
Mr. Peter Grilley, Vice Chairperson (Executive Committee)
Mr. Bob Dermann, Treasurer (Executive Committee)
Mr. Bob Sweeney, Secretary (Executive Committee)
Mr. John Kennedy (Executive Committee)
Mr. Anthony Graziani (Executive Committee)
Mr. Rick Geittmann
Mr. Chris Brown
Mr. Floyd (Mac) McDaniel
Ms. Regina McDaniel

Board Meeting Minutes – 2021
Board Meeting Minutes – 2020
Board Meeting Minutes – 2019
Board Meeting Minutes – 2018
Board Meeting Minutes – 2017

Directors Emeritus:

Mr. Emory Lehman
Mr. Rick Patterson

Board of Advisors:

The Board of Advisors is made up of twenty-five current and former Washington Army and Air National Guard members, including senior officers, senior non-commissioned officers, historians and civic leaders.

In Memoriam:

Major General (Ret) Timothy J. Lowenberg, Past Adjutant General


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– Fundraising
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– Programs, Events and Activities
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