Our Boards and Committees

As with any great organization, our driving force is people. Below are the various boards and committees:

Current Board of Directors:

Emory V. Lehman II, President and Executive Director (Executive Committee)
Richard G. Patterson, Vice President (Executive Committee)
William G. Markley, Treasurer (Executive Committee)
Peter A. Grilley, Secretary (Executive Committee)
Robert R. Dermann (Executive Committee)
John Kennedy (Executive Committee)
Anthony Graziani (Executive Committee)
Andy Leneweaver
Rick Geittemen
Chris Brown
Floyd (Mac) McDaniel
Regina McDaniel

Directors Emeritus:

Mr. Lyle (Andy) Anderson
Mr. Reed Jarvis
Mr. Patrick Haskett

Board of Advisors:

Major General Bret D. Daugherty, The Adjutant General, Washington National Guard
Major General (Ret) Gary T. Magonigle, Past Asst. Adjutant General, Air
Brigadier General John Tuohy, Assistant Adjutant General, Air
Brigadier General (Ret) Gordon Toney
Brigadier General (Ret) Terry Reed
Brigadier General (Ret) Rick Read
COL William Martin
COL Jeff Sabatine
Command Chief Warrant Officer Teresa Burgess
Command Chief MSgt Trish Almond, Senior Enlisted Advisor, Washington National Guard
State Command Sergeant Major (Ret) Robert Sweeney
COL Jon Beddall, Federal Property Advisor
MAJ Joseph Giaccio, Federal Property Advisor
CW4 Valarie Mariano, Federal Property Book Officer
MAJ Keith Kosik, Cdr, 141st Military History Detachment
1SG (Ret) Mike Liebel
CSM Glen Neal
CPT Joe Siemandel, State Public Affairs Officer
SFC Jason Keiss, Public Affairs NCO
COL (Ret) Gene Sager
COL (Ret) Terry Oxley
LTC (Ret) Jim Mosebach
LTC (Ret) Dave Nelson
LTC (Ret) John Wunsch
LTC (Ret) Don Ham
LTC (Ret) Glen Worthington
LTC (Ret) Bill Woodward
CSM (Ret) Al Herbert
CSM (Ret) Bill Mitchell
CSM (Ret) Art Ohler

In Memoriam:

Major General (Ret) Timothy J. Lowenberg, Past Adjutant General


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